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Sun Country Industries was awarded the Rudder Pedal and Side Stick assemblies for the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet in 2003. After award but prior to production, our engineers worked with Eclipse design engineers to improve manufacturability and to reduce cost. The Rudder Pedal is comprised of 60 individual parts (29 for the Side Stick) most of which are manufactured by Sun Country Industries. We developed, qualified and managed suppliers for the parts and processes it did not perform internally. In all, Sun Country Industries delivered 300 shipsets of the assemblies, achieving a run rate of 30 per month, before its customer ceased operations. (The company is supporting Eclipse Aerospace in its efforts to resume production.)

The Eclipse Rudder Pedal and Side Stick are examples of our capability for higher level assemblies and supply chain and program management.

Rudder Pedal Assembly
Side Stick Assembly